Importance of LED Flood Lights

A flood light is a type of outdoor lighting that projects a wide, even light beam. These lights are used to illuminate large areas and are often mounted on poles or posts. The main purpose of these lights is to provide even illumination of an area, and they are usually used for decorative purposes. They are also known as “illuminators”.

We provide the best low-voltage LED flood lights on the market. Ideal for illuminating walls, signage, tree canopies, and other wide-spread lighting applications. We are a leading manufacturer of high-qualitydurable, and energy-efficient LED light fixtures and outdoor lighting products. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality products that will help you illuminate your business, home, or outdoor space with style and power.

Powder Coated Durable Lights

Powder coating offers protection from even the most extreme environmental effects. It still provides a stylish look, but it also provides a finish that is more lasting than what liquid paints can. An item that has been powder coated will be particularly resistant to wear and strain regardless of what it is used for.

The coating is scratch, wear, chip, and fade resistant. Metal components that are exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors function well with it because of its durability. Powder coating is used on all of our collections of brass and aluminium LED Flood Lights.

Why Sun Bright's LED Flood Lights?

Water Resistant  Flood Lights

IP65 water proof Flood Lights.

Durable Flood Lights

Guarantee up to Five-years.

Weather Resistant Flood Lights

Durable in tough condition too.

About LED Flood lights

What is the difference between flood and spotlights?

Floodlights have short, wide patterns and are typically used to illuminate a large area; a spotlight, on the other hand, is designed to travel a greater distance but in a much narrower beam. Spotlights are useful for illuminating a smaller area such as a stage or a specific object.

What is the significance of the term "flood lights"?

The word 'flood' does not refer to water. Flood lights are so named because they flood the area with light.

When should I use flood lights?

 Use a floodlight to illuminate bigger areas such as driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other location that requires uniform lighting.