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With our Best Under Cabinet Lighting, you can now light your kitchen without having to worry about the overhead fluorescent bulbs that have been a part of your kitchen since you were a kid. Our under cabinet lighting is a great way to add a little extra illumination to your kitchen, while still maintaining a clean look. These puck lights provide task lighting under cabinets.

If you’re looking for a solution to brighten up your kitchen without breaking the bank, then you’re in luck. We’ve got a solution for you! These are our best under cabinet lighting yet! It’s a unique design that not only looks great but also provides a ton of functionality.

  • What is the purpose of puck lights?
Puck lights are frequently used as accent lighting in interiors. They're utilized to draw attention to objects that need to stand out. To enhance the effect, they can create clean, clear areas and highlight the elements that need to be represented.
  • On cabinets, where should lights be placed?
If you wish to use under cabinet lighting as task lighting, position the strip lights closer to the middle front border of the cabinets so that the countertop receives the most light. You may wish to place them closer to the back edge for ambient or accent lighting.
  • Why do LED lights not get hot?
LEDs are the ideal option because they run significantly cooler and use most of their energy to produce light rather than heat. This means they require a lot less energy to provide the same amount of light, up to 95 percent less energy.