What is a Transformer in Landscape Lighting?

Investing in outdoor lighting is wise. Sun Bright  Lighting transformers are the best one available and the greatest option for a low voltage outdoor lighting system since they are made for simple installation, consistent performance, and long life.

In the middle of every landscape lighting system is a transformer. Low voltages between 12 and 15 VAC are created from the current. The efficiency of this conversion determines how well the transformer regulates the voltage output and how much energy is consumed throughout the process.

You may buy with confidence knowing that all Sun Bright Lighting transformers are covered by a manufacturer's 100% money-back guarantee. Each one has magnetic secondary circuit breakers for each 300W common circuit as well as timer and photocell receptacles. Some of them feature cabinets made of waterproof stainless steel.

The wattages of landscape transformers fluctuate widely. They are connected with the quantity of lighting fixtures put in at your establishment. While others are 300, 400, or 600 watts, some of the units are 40, 60, and 120 watts.

To boost the automation of the lighting at your company or home, they either contain a connection for your own controls or a 24-hour timer. For the purpose of powering the light fixture, the transformer can be switched on and off, or you can use a control of your own.

Advanced Options and Features:

Landscape transformers come in three different basic varieties: single-phase to ground, three-phase to ground, and four-phase to ground. This circuit has two phases, and the two phases are connected by a single wire. The connection of the lights should always be taken into account when installing them.

The three-phase system is the finest in terms of wire. It offers a simple method for switching from single-phase to three-phase and vice versa. Four-phase is connected to the ground by three wires, while three wires connect three-phase to it. By identifying the wires, short circuit formation should be avoided.

Please make sure to inquire about installation instructions for the equipment from your supplier or technical staff. These transformers are a great option for your outdoor lighting needs because they are made to run numerous sets of fixtures simultaneously.

The landscape transformer is best for energy efficiency because it has a lower heat removal rating. You can be confident that doing this will result in lower electricity costs.

When is a transformer for outdoor lighting used?

If you wish to install a different landscape light fixture, you can't merely connect wire and plug in conventional fixtures. Transformers for landscape lighting must always be used before choosing any other electrical equipment for usage at home or on a facility.

Your home will be powered by 120vac, or 120 volts of alternating electricity. Even if the voltage in your building may be higher than 120 volts, the light fixtures only need 8 to 12 volts of direct electricity. The transformers' work is clear in the way they reduce the high input voltage to produce a low output voltage so you may use low voltage devices. You cannot operate more than one set of lights at any same time without the transformers.

The transformer for the landscape lighting offers a centralised location to manage all the lights, making it simple to regulate them. You won't need to activate numerous switches to turn on the light fixture if you select this option. It can be inconvenient to manually turn on each light when it's raining. You may turn on all the lights at once using the landscape transformers.

The earthing part of the transformers is necessary for reducing the shock risk at a facility. This is not to mean that you shouldn't exercise caution; if you're not being careful, you could still get shocked.

How can I calculate the size of the transformer I require?

The overall wattage needed for your facility determines the size of transformer you need, not its dimensions. The total number of installed light fixtures serves as a predictor for the wattage. The transformer gets bigger as there are more lights.

For instance, if you want to utilise 30 lights that each use 5 watts, you'll need 300 watts in total. It is advised to increase spare capacity by 20%. Consequently, the optimum choice would be a transformer that can generate an output of 360 watts or slightly more.

Your power load dictates the size of the transformer.

100 watts are equal to 20 fixtures at 5 watts apiece.

Here, opting for low voltage led light fixtures can save energy because they consume fewer watts than other light sources. Additionally, you'll need a smaller transformer as a result of this.


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