How much does Outdoor Lighting Cost?

An integral part of outdoor lighting is landscape lighting. In addition to illuminating driveways, gardens, and walkways, it can also be used to light up parking lots. This article will assist you in determining the precise cost of landscape lighting, whether you're designing a new landscape or simply want to improve the aesthetics of your current garden.

Guide to Landscape Lighting Costs:

There are many options for landscape lighting that may be used for any purpose, regardless of price, style, or budget. The size of your property, the kind of lighting fixture to be used, and the installation technique all affect how much it will cost to install landscape lighting.

Depending on the quantity, type, and location of the lighting fixtures, the price of landscape lighting will change. This sum excludes any electrical wiring or fixture installation costs. If you intend to install the lights yourself, completing the labor yourself might allow you to save some money. The only situation in which complications might occur is when extra wiring and electrical outlets are necessary. To take care of the wiring concerns in this situation, you will need to employ a qualified electrician.

Projects for landscape lighting typically cost between $1,000 and $5,000. Landscape lighting typically costs between $80 and $150 per light fixture. Even so, there are a lot of elements that might affect the cost of installing landscape lighting, including the project's size and other aspects. For instance, putting 20 lighting fixtures in a backyard that is 800 square feet in size would cost on average $4000. However, certain contractors may charge more or less depending on the landscape lighting project's specifics.

Cost of landscape lighting

Labor Charges:

You should anticipate paying a professional contractor $60 to $100 per hour on average for labor if you engage them to install landscape lighting fixtures. The price of the materials and lighting fixtures is not included in this figure. The average homeowner pays a professional between $250 and $350 per fixture. Costs for labor and supplies are included in this. However, depending on the kind of lighting to be placed, the cost of employing a contactor may be greater than estimated.

You might pay a landscape lighting designer to develop a lighting strategy for your outside areas. You might anticipate an extra expense of roughly $500. The designer will create an elaborate system for your landscape lighting system based on the size of your property.

Materials Cost:

Landscape lighting installation costs vary greatly depending on your yard's features and the method of installation. The average home has a yard that is 800 square feet in size and needs 20 lighting fixtures.

The price of lighting each fixture ranges from $80 to $150. Based on the price per fixture, the average cost of 20 lighting fixtures will range from $1600 to $3000. If you intend to use high-end fittings, the price of the fixture can be more than what we have suggested.

One of the best options for the project involving outdoor lighting is LED lights. They last longer, use less energy, and are environmentally beneficial. However, compared to other lighting solutions, the purchasing price is more expensive initially.

You will need to spend between $800 and $1200 on your landscape lighting project if you plan to use light bulbs. You should budget $200 for the cost of wiring for the outside lighting.

The prices for typical lighting fixtures used in landscape lighting projects are listed here.

Path lights: For various lighting requirements, path lights are used in most portions of the yard. They shine light on trees, walkways, and other things. Each path light typically costs between $80 and $150.

Floodlights: This type of lighting is frequently used for landscape illumination. They are powerful exterior lights that are used to provide security by illuminating vast areas. They are affixed to constructions and buildings. Each floodlight is anticipated to cost between $50 and $100.

Spotlights: The ground-mounted lighting fixture illuminates the patio, deck, porches, and swimming pools. They produce a classy atmosphere. Spotlights come in a range of sizes, designs, and hues. Spotlights can be used to express a specific subject and develop a distinctive personal style. The price of a spotlight can range from $50 to $100.

Additional financial factors:

You must ensure that the transformer you have can handle the extra electricity if you plan to place more lights in your yard. If the transformer is unable to handle the higher voltages, it must be replaced. You can upgrade the transformer's power for roughly $200 in order to raise its voltage. For a larger home, the cost to replace the transformer might range from $350 to $1500.

To make room for your new landscape lighting system, you will need to retrofit and modify the wiring of any existing landscape lights in your area. This procedure will result in a 20% increase in the final cost of the external lighting project.

Your landscape lighting installation might need adding an electrical outlet to make room for the new lighting. The cost of extra outlets is about $200 per outlet.

If you need to run the wires further than the recommended length, which is a 600 foot run for a single light, the overall cost of installing that particular fixture will increase.

Custom drilling and cutting will raise the price of installing landscape lighting.

The price of the lighting project will increase with the addition of a timer clock or remote control. On tablets or even phones, you can use the remote control functionality. You will pay between $50 and $130 to add a time clock, and between $1000 and $15,000 to add a remote operating control.


Finally, the proper illumination can enable you to take advantage of your garden's beauty throughout the year. Your lights can be programmed to come on and go out at particular times of the day.

In addition to being attractive, landscape lighting can also save money. I hope this clarifies the price of landscape lighting and how it might increase the value of your house.