How can Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting be Dimmed?

A landscape lighting system can be made to function flawlessly in a variety of ways, but it is hard to predict how it will appear until everything is installed and prepared for use.

Light has the drawback of being difficult to imagine. Even if you have carefully prepared your arrangement, it could seem a little too bright when you first flick the switch.

You need a transformer that can be dimmed if you want to dim landscape lights. With certain transformers, a 12V dimmer can be used. Not all LEDs can be dimmed, and non-dimmable bulbs won't function properly with a dimmable transformer.

Now, we discover.

  • What can you do if your landscape lighting is too bright?
  • With a conventional dimmer, lights can be dimmed.
  • Is it possible to dim landscape lighting or not?
  • Which type of transformer you require?

What can you do if your landscape lighting is too bright?

It's not necessary to install a dimmer if the landscape lights you've chosen are too bright. Although they limit your flexibility, they may help you save money and achieve your goals.

First, if the lights are too brightly glowing, you can try to relocate them a few inches away. A gel filter can be used to change the brightness of your light.

To assist in sleep, you employ lighting. Only a portion of the light will pass through the filter. This is a very cost-effective option.

However, it takes a lot of time because each filter needs to be cut to size and fastened to the light so the weather won't wash it away.

You shouldn't anticipate that the lighting will alter in your garden.

If your lights are not sealed, you also have the option of replacing the bulbs with dimmer ones. Again, it takes a little time, but the cost isn't too bad. Even if you can't regulate the brightness, once you're done you'll have a consistent light.

With a conventional dimmer, lights can be dimmed.

An outdoor system can employ the conventional dimmer switch. It is not a suggested option for the majority of transformers. To find out if it's okay to do so, you could send an email to the customer service team.

Theoretically, it seems to work out great and be simple to do. The dimmer does not require wiring into the circuit following the transformer. The electricity is downstepped as it travels from the mains to the transformer and then the dimmer.

For this, a 12V dimmer is required. You'll need to consider mounting and waterproofing the switch. The cost-effectiveness of purchasing a dedicated transformer is substantially greater than adopting this method.

Is it possible to dim landscape lighting or not?

There are some landscape lights that cannot be dimmed. It depends on two things whether you can dim your lights or not.

  • The transformer can it be dimmed?
  • Can the lights be dimmed?

You can dim your lights even if the transformer is not there. You require more than one element. It's crucial to remember that this only applies to the bulb and not the entire fixture.

All you need to do is purchase a dimmable light bulb if you purchase an outdoor fixture with changeable bulbs. Make sure the lighting is dark throughout.

Which type of transformer you require?

Now that the issue with the dimmable lights has been resolved, it is time to handle the transformer. It's likely that you will need to replace your transformer if it isn't dimmable.

Because they are much more expensive, don't expect to locate a dimmable landscape lighting transformer on Amazon.

When replacing your transformer, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Your lights should be able to be handled by the new transformer. It is simple to overlook the fact that a transformer that won't be overloaded by your setup is the most crucial consideration when looking for dimmable choices.

You shouldn't get a 200 Watt transformer if you utilize 200 Watts of lights because you should only be using 80% of your transformer's capability. Upgrade to a 300 Watt option at the very least to avoid power fluctuations.

You're going to get digital dimmable transformers because they are a real option. You will receive a phone that will enable you to use the internet to alter the phone's dimming settings.

The position of your transformer must also be taken into account. If you are outside the coverage area for your internet service, do you need a signal booster?

Transformers that are suggested for outdoor landscape lighting are: Transformers 12V Dimmable


1. Dual Protection

To safeguard both the load and the driver, there are two layers of circuit breakers on the primary and secondary winding.

2. Slim and light-weight

Simple to incorporate into any design or application

3. Leading-edge Technology

  • Low magnetic stray field
  • Cuts down on leakage inductance
  • Low-pitched hum
  • Cooler operating conditions
  • Longest period of operation 

4. NEMA 3R Housing

crafted with a high-quality metal shell to endure even the worst circumstances, such as humidity

5. Junction Box

Made with a built-in junction box, knockouts, and a hinged door for simple installation and electrical component protection.


  • Transformers for lighting produced in North America
  • Fully Dimmable and rated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Offered in both 12V AC and 12V DC
  • Low audible hum, 25W-300W