JB08 Low Voltage Junction Box Multi Zone Central Hub | Landscape Lighting Accessory


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• Heavy Duty Commercial Grade ABS Body
• IP65 Waterproof Rating
• 8 Rubber Cap Air Tight Holes to Feed Wires
• 1/2" Threaded Spike
• 9" PVC Ground Stake Included

Technical Specs

Body Material: Heavy Duty Commercial Grade ABS
Size: 4" (W) x 5" (H)
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Built in: 8 Rubber Cap Air Tight Holes to feed wires through
Included: Ground ABS Spike

Our JB08 Low Voltage Junction Box is an easy and efficient way to connect all your lighting lines to one place. Junction box's help prevent drop voltage in your landscape lights and bring ease to mind knowing all of your connections are in one place for future troubleshooting. Additionally, all of your connections are above ground in a dry, weather tight junction box to keep your wires and connections moisture free and prevents corroding like traditional methods of installation.

Our low voltage lighting hub system would be placed in the middle distance of your lighting zone with one wire/cable ran from the transformer to the hub. Inside the hub you would connect all of your fixtures to the end of the cable. Then, all of your fixtures branch off the end of the hub. Lastly measure the voltage in each fixture. If the voltage is below 12 volts, move that run up to the appropriate voltage tap on the transformer until the fixtures have between 11-12 volts. For hub Systems you can use more fixtures per run, daisy chained after the first light connected.

Features and benefits of our junction box hub system is that your connections are inside a sealed compartment/sealed body, contains a removable top, 8 rubber cap sealed cable entrance/exit holes, and a brass threaded spike screws to stake into the ground (stake is included).

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