Importance of Landscape Lighting Wires

Direct burial wire is specifically designed for low voltage landscape lighting. These wires improve the performance of your low voltage transformer.

It provides a more consistent and powerful output than traditional stranded wire. This means you can have a better-looking, more efficient landscape lighting system. The direct burial wire is made of specially treated polyester insulation. This insulation is weatherproof, waterproof, and flame retardant. It is safe for use with all low voltage equipment. We also carry a wide range of high-quality outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting includes fixtures, LED bulbs, and wire.

This direct burial wire is designed to reduce the heat loss in your transformer, and also to keep the transformer cool. The wire has a unique design that allows it to be buried in the ground without a separate ground rod or ground bar. It is recommended to use this wire when using a low voltage transformer with an output voltage of fewer than 15 volts. The Direct Burial Wire is designed to allow easy installation and provide superior performance compared to other types of low voltage cables.

It provides a better and more uniform distribution of light while reducing the number of hot spots in your landscape. The wire is installed directly on the ground or into the soil to provide a more even distribution of light over a larger area. The low voltage wire has a longer life span than traditional landscape lighting.