Importance of Landscape Lighting Transformers

Any landscape lighting system may benefit from our Low Voltage Transformers, which are intended for easy installation, consistent performance, and longevity. We offer a variety of low voltage transformers, including the popular, long-lasting, and highly reliable models that are compatible with most lighting systems. Our line of Low Voltage Transformers includes three different models, each with a different mounting hole pattern.

We also include the necessary adapters to allow you to use these transformers with any of our outdoor lighting fixtures. Most people are familiar with transformers as a component in home and car electrical systems, but what many don't realize is that they can be used in a wide variety of applications that are outside of the realm of typical electrical usage. 


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About Landscape Lighting Transformers

What is the meaning of a low-voltage transformer?

Every landscape lighting system relies on a low voltage transformer. It transforms a 120-volt current into a low-voltage current (between 12-15 VAC). How well the transformer controls the voltage output and how much energy is wasted in the process is determined by the efficiency of this conversion.

How do I choose a low voltage transformer?

Determine whether the low voltage light fixture you need to power requires 12 or 24 volts to begin filtering out the suitable transformer. You should be able to discover this information in any product's description or specifications. Also, check to see if your power source is 120 or 277 volts.

Is it possible to install low-voltage transformers outside?

Most low-voltage transformers come with mounting devices that allow you to secure them to stakes outside your home. The weather-protection seals on these transformers are also weather-resistant, but it's still a good idea to cover your outlet to keep moisture out.