Dotless Linear LED RGB Color Changing 4.4W/ft COB Strip Lights Low Voltage DC24V Tape Light


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• Uniform Light Emission - COB LEDs create seamless line of light - no visible hotspots
• RGB Color Changing Dimmable
• SAFE 24V Low Voltage Power
• Can be cut every one inch
• 180° Beam Angle
** 24V DC Low Voltage Transformer Required! **

Especificaciones técnicas

Power: 24V DC Dimmable 4.4W/ft (72.5W per Roll)
Light Color Temperature: RGB Color Changing
Size: 10mm(W) x 5000mm(L)
Waterproof Rating: IP20
Board Width: 10mm
Beam Angle: 180°
CRI: 90
Life Span: 50,000 Hrs
Application: Walkways, Side Yards, loading docks, balconies, doorways, alleys, Path Lighting

This RGB Color Changing Dotless COB LED Strip Light uses the new FCOB technology to produce seamless linear lighting with no hot spots or "dead spots". On traditional LED strips, LED diodes are spaced apart creating hot spots that are visible when looking at the strip, but this Dotless LED strips give a consistent light throughout the entire length.

Comprised of 90 CRI Dotless Linear LED RGB COB Strip Lights, users can benefit from the ability to customize the atmosphere of any space with the press of a button, adjusting the colors from a range of options with the available controllers.

This continuous LED strip light can be cut every 1", allowing you to cut pieces to the exact length that you need based on your application. Our 24V DC LED strip light is 10 mm wide, allowing it to fit in most standard aluminum channels. Available in 5M (16.5 ft) and is 4.4W per foot (72.5W per roll).

This strip light is a suitable choice for a variety of applications including kitchen cabinet, closets, edges and stairs, balcony, party decoration, wedding etc.

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