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Many of us spend a lot of time in our yards or patios—and it’s important that we do so in the safest possible way. Stair lights provide a simple and practical solution to this problem. They are small and discreet—making them perfect for outdoor use. And because they are powered by low voltage, they are safe and eco-friendly.

Indoor and outdoor staircases can both benefit from step lighting. In the dark, stairwells can be deadly. There are several options for dealing with this issue, but if you want a quick and easy answer, try installing stair lights.

  • How do you illuminate concrete stairwells?
Installing lighting in the riser, the vertical component of a stair, is a fantastic idea. Concrete step lights, also known as tread lights, are built into the stairwell and direct light downward onto the step below it. They provide enough light to keep you safe, yet it's not too bright to be bothersome.
  • Do I need step lights?
It is important to use lighting when you have stairs in your home. The railing that leads up the steps can be lit with strip lighting or decorative rope lighting. This will show people how to climb the stairs properly and provide them with additional light.
  • What is the ideal distance between step lights?
On wider steps, a basic rule of thumb is to position lights every 3-4 feet, but the answer to this question depends on the width of your steps and the number of steps in each area.