CDPS72 Stainless Steel Path Light | 7W Integrated LED Low Voltage Landscape Light


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• 100% Full Stainless Steel Body
• High Efficacy 7W LED, 300 Lumen Output
• 3000K Warm White Color Temperature
• Heat Resistant Clear Lens
• Built in Base for Surface Mounting
• 9" PVC Ground Stake Included
** Low Voltage Transformer Required! **

Technical Specs

Body Material: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Power: 7W AC/DC 12V SMD
Light Color Temperature: Warm White 3000K
Lumens: 300 LM
Finish: Stainless Steel
Size: 6" (Diameter) x 31" (H)
Waterproof Rating: IP65
Life Span: 50,000 Hrs.
Application: Walkways, Side Yards, loading docks, balconies, doorways, alleys, Path Lighting

The CDPS72 is a Stainless Steel modern circle top bollard LED landscape light that creates a classic and sophisticated look for your indoor and outdoor space. The large design is perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial applications, providing a tremendous amount of light with its 7W Philips LED chips and wide illumination with the round top. This novelty horizontal LED Path light's body is made up of heavy-duty Stainless Steel with an elegant Silver finish, giving it a solid construction for durability and longevity.

This built-in 7W AC/DC 12V COB led path light illuminates 3000K Warm White Light temperature with a perfect light distribution with its round circle top design, achieving an excellent illumination effect all around the fixture while emitting 300 Lumens. Its size is 6" (Diameter) x 31" (H) x 2" (W). Its life span is 50,000 Hours, which makes it longer lasting than other sellers. It’s an ideal choice for general site lighting, alleys, loading docks, lawns, balconies, doorways, streets, pathways, etc.

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    Features Of CDPS72

    Water Resistant IP65 Rating

    The IP65 grade guarantees that a product is completely dust-tight and protected from low-pressure water jets coming from any direction. The IP rating denotes humidity and dust resistance.

    Strong Ground Grip

    Screw-in stake construction makes it difficult to knock over or tilt after installation. Stronger and resistant against corrosion.

    Cast Steel Material

    On stop corrosion, chromium oxide is applied to stainless steel. Modern applications look fantastic with stainless steel because of the way it reflects light. Cleaning should be done frequently.

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